Version .03

Pollen Types and Presets v.03 Update

For this version I started out on implementing the ability to set and apply loadouts for different collections of abilities, which has worked out pretty well, although there's no way currently to identify which loadouts contain which abilities, so I'll need to think of a way to do that later. I didn't feel like that would be enough to constitute an update so I also spent most of the time making new types of pollen that have different effects when you collect them (Complete with its' own demo area accessible from the Hub). Right now I'm thinking all the pollen types in the demo will be all the types there are in the full game, so it's nice to have that covered.

Additional Changes:

- Double jumping now has controllable height like a normal jump instead of being a consistent push

Plans for next update:

I'm thinking I'll either be making a more complete set of animations for the player (currently only have ~10% of the total number of animations I'd like to have in the game) or I'll work on finishing up the functionality of all the special actions and characteristics. Unfortunately I don't think either of these will be able to be shown in full in the next demo because they're reliant on showing all the abilities in the game to the player from the get go, which I'd like to save for when the game's finished.


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Nov 08, 2017
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